It’s a question that many of us ask when we hail or book a taxi: is my driver qualified to be a taxi driver? With so many drivers out there, not all of them directly affiliated with taxi companies, it can be a matter of concern for some passengers.

With ingogo, you can rest assured that your Melbourne taxi driver (or wherever you may be) is fully licensed, trained, and registered to operate a taxi.

ingogo doesn’t own or operate taxis, nor do we employ drivers. We instead provide a secure booking and payment service for taxi booking in Sydney, Brisbane,

Posted: 22/02/2017
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One of the things that makes the ingogo app and service so unique is our commitment to Fixed Fare bookings, which are convenient for both our passengers as well as our drivers.

A Fixed Fare simply means that you are advised of the full amount owing for your trip before you go ahead and book your ride. Unlike when you hire a taxi on a regular basis, with ingogo there are no hidden surprises: no additional fees or tolls, no worries about your fare costing more due to heavy traffic, and no need to be concerned that your driver will take

Posted: 15/02/2017
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We have all been there; your credit card statement comes and you check through the charges. All is good until you come across an unfamiliar biller. “What? I didn’t spend any money with these people!”

More often than not, with a little backtracking checking your diary or calling your credit card institution with an enquiry, you realise that all is in fact fine and, while the biller name is unfamiliar, the charge itself is legitimate and you do remember exactly what it was for.

Posted: 07/02/2017
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