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Activating your new terminal

This article will step you through the process of activating your new terminal

Your terminal requires activation before it can be used. This must be completed within seven (7) days of it being received.

To activate your terminal:

  1. Turn on the terminal by holding the green enter button on the keypad for 5-10 seconds.
  2. Press the red menu button on screen
  3. Press the support button
  4. press the contact us button
  5. press the show merchant information button
  6. press the print merchant information button

To complete activation, you need to confirm the details that are on the printout with us. Activation usually occurs within 1 business day (often faster). we'll notify you as soon as your terminal is ready to use.

Complete Activation by Email

To activate by email, reply to the email we sent you when your terminal was shipped with a photo of the above information.

Complete Activation via our chatbot

You can also activate using the ingogo chatbot. This can be accessed through the driver-app or our www.ingogo.com.au. When prompted select the 'Terminal Activation' option and follow the steps to enter the serial, TID & MID.