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How to navigate Fleet Hub (driver account)

To locate a driver account, the most useful ways to search is by: 

- Driver ID 

- Driver mobile number 

- Email address 

- First name/ last name 

DETAILS= The drivers personal details, Driver Licence, Taxi Authority, Business Details, Taxi Network 

PAYMENT TERMINALS= Provides information on their current asset as well as any exchanges, returns or lost/ stolen devices 

BILLING= Provides information relating to the drivers billing card (credit card) and will show all paid and outstanding invoices 

SETTLEMENTS= The transactions that have been paid into the drivers account, it will also show any pending payments and will allow you to enable and disable settlements.

DOCUMENTS= This is where we keep a copy of the drivers photo, licence, taxi authority, any diagnostics etc 

You also have the option to Ban, Suspend or close a driver's account from the Actions Tab up the top right hand corner of their account.