I am missing a payment

Occasionally there is an issue with processing a transaction.  It could be because of network coverage or an issue anywhere along the banking network.  Sometimes it can be an issue with Westpac contacting the card-holder's bank.

What we do know:

  •  the payment terminals are reliable - transactions are safe and payments are not lost
  •  on rare occasions, if a transaction needs to be recovered, funds may be delayed by up to 5 days if an issue has occurred


What to do if a trip payment is delayed

  • note the day,  time and amount of the transaction
  • wait 4 business days (this allows time for the banking system to recover the funds)
  • watch you subsequent settlements, you may see the payment arrive out of your expected sequence.  For example, if the payment was 11 pm Sunday night, it could appear in your settlement on Wednesday at 9:00 am