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My terminal is missing or damaged

Important information in the event your terminal is lost, stolen or damaged

Lost or Stolen Terminal

Should you lose your vx690 terminal please notify our customer service team immediately, so we can deactivate the devices and prevent any unauthorised usage.

If your device was stolen a police report will be required within 24 hours.

A lost or stolen payment terminal will incur a replacement fee of $400. This charge minus your terminal deposit will be applied to your credit card in the event the terminal is deemed lost or stolen. A $20 charge applies to lost or stolen payment terminal chargers.

Please look after your equipment and never leave your terminal unattended in your vehicle.

Damaged Terminal 

If your vx690 terminal has been damaged (including accidental) you will be charged any repair costs that are not covered by warranty, or classified as general wear and tear.

Terminals are assessed by Verifone who will determine if a terminal needs to be repaired and which grade the repairs fall under.