Activating Hotspot for your Lyca Mobile phone

If you are using Lyca Mobile as your phone provider you need to do some extra steps to activate your personal hotspot.

In your iPhone go to Settings >> Mobile >> Mobile Data Options >> Mobile Data Network and in your android open your mobile data settings where you will find APN settings.

Add the following APN under personal hotspot:


Username: lmau

Password: plus

to-setup-personal-hotspot-on-your-account-contact-carrier-iphone-lycamobile-Australia-Personal-Hotspot-APN-Settings.jpg    to-setup-personal-hotspot-on-your-account-contact-carrier-iphone-lycamobile-mobile-data-apn-settings.jpg


Should your internet be slow you can add the same APN settings to Mobile Data and LTE:

If you are still having trouble please contact Lyca Mobile and they can assist you further.