Airport arrivals

Flight tracking

ingogo passengers can optionally enter their flight details when placing a booking for collection from an airport.  Job offers that are connected to flight tracking show both the aeroplane icon and the connected flight number on the job list screen.



How the original pickup time is set

The original pickup time is set using the scheduled arrival time, plus additional buffer time which can be set by the passenger based on their circumstances (e.g. domestic travel with hand luggage or international travel where customs and checked baggage come into play).

This is the time you will see when the job offer is made.


When a flight is rescheduled

We'll check the status of the flight while it's in the air.  If there's any change to the arrival time (early or late) we'll let you know.  

You'll need to let us know if you still want the job.  We'll notify you in the app, or via a push message to your phone.

You can either select to keep the job, and we'll update the pickup time for you - alternatively you can abandon the job with no cancellation fee.

Overlapping Jobs

If you end up in a situation where the change in arrival time results in an overlap between an earlier or later job you already have, you can choose which one you want to keep.

If you choose to keep the airport job, you'll need to abandon the overlapping job from the job list screen.  This does not happen automatically.  You won't be charged a cancellation fee no matter which option you choose.

When a flight is cancelled

If a flight is cancelled, we'll automatically cancel the job.