Asking the passenger to pay for tolls already included on their route

The passenger is emailed a receipt that contains all the toll charges included in their fare.  It’s ok to charge for tolls that weren’t on the route, but double charging for tolls that were already included is definitely not cool.  The passenger will eventually complain, and we’ll have to chase you down.

Behaviour like this is why we developed fixed fares in the first place.  The perception amongst travellers is that dodgy drivers add all sorts of “extras” to the fare.  We all know that a lot of this is just a lack of understanding of tariffs, tolls, fees and levies - but that’s what we’re up against to keep jobs in the taxi industry.  

You’ll be penalised $100 on the spot, and put on probation.

Repeated offences will result in your termination as an ingogo driver.