Assault or intimidation of a passenger

It's never okay to assault or intimidate another person

Assault of passengers

It is not acceptable for you to assault a passenger under any circumstances, even if the passenger is being offensive or racist towards you.

If you assault a passenger you have committed an offence and could face criminal charges, large fines and lose your driver accreditation.

Intimidation of passengers

It is not acceptable to detain a passenger (such as locking them in the taxi), threaten them or intimidate them.

There are no circumstances which can justify you intimidating or threatening a passenger. Situations which would be considered as intimidation are if you:

  • lock a passenger in the taxi unless they pay the fare
  • take a passenger somewhere other than their destination and threaten to leave them there unless they pay the fare.

If you were to intimidate a passenger you could face numerous criminal charges, large fines, and lose your driver accreditation.