Driver Risk Register

Managing risks crucial for safe driving!

The following table identifies a few key safety risks and mitigating strategies that all ingogo Taxi drivers must be aware of. In addition to the table below ingogo recommends you refer to the safety material supplied by your states governing transport or taxi authority.


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Summary Risk Control

Driver Fatigue

Fatigue is a key factor in up to 30% of fatal crashes and severe injuries. Driver fatigue is not only a risk to your health and safety – it is also a risk to the safety of passengers and other members of the public.

Manage your fatigue appropriately. For example do not drive for long periods of time or when tired and take ample breaks when needed. 

Driver Distraction

Being distracted while driving is extremely dangerous. Driver distraction accounts for up to 75% of all crashes and 65% of near crashes. 

Common distractions include:

  • Mobile Phones (Talking & Texting)

  • Adjusting Vehicle Settings

  • Passengers

  • Eating, drinking and smoking

  • External distractions

When driving, focus completely on operating your vehicle in safe manner. Do not unnecessarily multi-task, pay attention to the road and your surroundings.

For example; pull over and park if you need to use your phone, adjust vehicle settings or eat & drink.

Passenger Pick up and Set down

Passengers alighting from a vehicle could be at risk of an accident if exiting in an unsafe location or manner.

Always make sure your passengers exit your vehicle in a safe manner and location; preferably on the side of the pavement away from oncoming traffic. 

Psychological Risks

Mental health is important, psychological distress can not only affect your ability to drive safely but also your wellbeing.

If you believe you are suffering from psychological distress, we recommend using the excellent resources available at

Your Health and Fitness

Taxi drivers are at risk for numerous health concerns, such as low back and leg pain, linked to a highly sedentary occupation with long work hours and numerous stressors related to the job.

Manage your health and fitness by exercising regularly, getting good quality sleep and eating properly. For more information contact a health and fitness professional or your GP.

Violence in the workplace

Threats, violence and robbery are issues that can affect all taxi drivers.

If you are a victim of violence including physical act's of violence, theft or verbal abuse please report the incident to the police as soon as possible and advise our support support team. 

Ingogo has strict anti-violence policy. Infringing passengers or drivers will be removed from our platform.

Transporting Vulnerable Passengers

Passengers who use a mobility aid must be given priority service. As a driver you have a duty of care when transporting a vulnerable passenger.

For more information about transporting vulnerable passengers see the Transporting Vulnerable Passengers article

Drugs & Alcohol

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous and is a criminal offence. This can result in a loss of license, heavy fines and prison term.

Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This includes driving while 'hung over'.

Soliciting and Touting

Soliciting for work or touting for work is against regulations and can result in penalties and a loss of license. It can also create an unsafe environment for both the driver and the passenger.

Do not solicit or tout for work. Instead use an approved taxi booking app such as ingogo, or accept passengers who hail your vehicle from the roadside or at a taxi rank.

Your safety is important to ingogo, if you require would like more information about these risks and how you can manage them please contact our support centre 1800 00 TAXI or