How do I know if I need to take payment or not?

Throughout the journey to the destination, the app will either show FINISH JOB or TAKE PAYMENT as the blue button on the bottom of your screen.

When FINISH JOB is displayed, the passenger has already paid through the app and they can leave your taxi immediately on completion of the job.

When TAKE PAYMENT is displayed, you’ll need to process payment using the ingogo pinpad, cash, or using another payment device. 

If the passenger pays by cash or another payment method, you will notice the ingogo fees are deducted from your own account. Don’t be alarmed, as long you charge the passenger the displayed amount you will be paid the correct amount.

NOTE: Even if the passenger has paid upfront you will not be paid until you have pressed finish job. Please do not let the passenger leave until you have tapped finish job, in case there was an error in payment.