How to add mobile hotspot to the quick settings on your Android phon

To save you time, you don't need to go into the settings each time you need to turn mobile hotspot on. You can find mobile hotspot in the quick settings when you swipe from top to bottom twice. 

By default, most Android phones will already have mobile hotspot in quick settings, however, in some cases, you might need to add it yourself.

How to add Mobile Hotspot to your quick settings on Android: 

1. Swipe down from the top of the phone twice until you see the expanded quick settings.


2. To edit either tap the pencil icon or tap the three vertical dots and tap button order.



3. Press and hold on the option you want to add to the quick settings, in this case, mobile hotspot, and drag it into the quick settings.



4. When you're finished tap done to save the changes.