How to quit running apps

When to quit a running application

Apps running on Android phones can stop responding for a number of reasons, including low disk space, other apps consuming too many resources or just as a result of a bug in the app that's running.

The good news is that a restart will often fix problems like this.

The "Overview" or "Recent Apps" button

Android phones generally have three buttons however there's been no standard for where these buttons should appear, or what icons they have.  As a result, different manufacturers have used different positions for their Back and Overview buttons (particularly Samsung, which have them on opposite sides to the Google Pixel for example)

  • Home (Middle) - This usually looks like a circle, or a small house
  • Back (Left or Right) - either an arrow pointing left, or a reverse "play" button
  • Overview (Left or Right) - either a square, or layered rectangles.

To quit a running application:

  1. Tap the Overview button
  2. Tap the X or close icon in the top right corner of the app you want to quit