I can't log in

The most common causes of login problems are;

Invalid Pin

If you’re seeing this, it’s possible that you have entered an incorrect pin too many times.  

Enter your mobile number, then tap “Forgotten PIN?” we’ll send an SMS containing a verification code. This can take up to 5 mins, so be patient.

See How can I change my login pin?

No network / No location

The ingogo driver app needs to be connected to a 3G/4G network and have a clear view of the sky. Check your network coverage, or move to another location (if you’re inside, move near a window).

Login Button Dull/Greyed Out

If the login button is not lit up or coloured, it means that you have not entered in the full login information.

Please ensure you have entered in your full mobile number and taxi plate number, including any letters at the start of the number.

If you’re still having the problem, please let us know.