ingogo Card - Locked PIN

Ask the driver "Do you know your PIN Number"?

If the answer is Yes

  1. Verify the driver is who they say they are: Customer Identification
  2. Access the Transactions tab in the driver's account in Portal
  3. Go to the Actions button and choose "Activate EML card"
  4. Once activation is confirmed, make sure Settlements are ON
  5. Inform the driver that the card is now unlocked 
  6. Add a note to the drivers' account (ingogoPORTAL >> Driver >> Note)

If the answer is No

  1. Inform the Driver that
    • PIN cannot be recovered or reset
    • They must come into the office to complete a form to pickup a Replacement card
    • The Replacement Card will cost a $10 processing fee
  2. Add a note to the driver's account in ingogoPORTAL >> Driver >> Note

NOTE: If the above process does not unlock the driver's ingogo card, please send an email to EML at The Service Level Agreement with eMerchants for the unlocking of a pin is 2 hrs during business hours (Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.00pm). eMerchants is unable to support this process outside of business hours at this stage and will action your request as soon as the office opens