I’ve spoken to the passenger / hotel and confirmed they don’t want the job anymore. Do I still need to go there and wait 5 mins?

If you’ve spoken to the passenger or the hotel concierge and confirmed that the passenger is not going to be there, you can ask the passenger/hotel to cancel the job.

If they refuse for any reason, there are two things you could do. If you are already at the pickup location you are better off waiting the 5 minutes, as contacting customer support will most likely take more time. If it is not the pickup time yet please contact support to discuss further. You are not required to continue to the pickup once you’ve spoken to us.  

IMPORTANT: Calling the passenger/hotel and asking them to cancel because you’re unable to collect the passenger, or will not arrive on time will result in an immediate $100 penalty and you may be asked to return your ingogo devices and permanently blocked from further use.