Letting the passenger know you're coming

We know that it’s easy to make mistakes and that sometimes circumstances beyond your control mean you’re not able to complete a job you’d accepted earlier.

To allow us to find a replacement driver, we need you to either confirm you're coming by letting the passenger know you're on your way or cancel as soon as possible.  So, when there’s less than an hour until the pickup, we start monitoring your expected arrival time.  

We’ll send you a friendly reminder 1 hour before the pickup time.  Then, as the pickup time gets closer we’ll ask you to confirm you’re still able to complete the job.  

We use your ETA (with an additional allowance of 10 mins for unexpected traffic or delays) to work out if you’ll arrive on time.  If you’re going to be late and haven’t confirmed we’ll take the job from you, and you may incur a cancellation fee - depending on the outcome of the job. See Cancellation Fees.