Navigation and route selection

After collecting the passenger, we’ll show you an overview of the route selected by the passenger for 10 seconds, before starting guidance.  We suggest you confirm the route with the passenger to avoid any tension later in the journey.

Although the route selected by the passenger might have been the best available route at the time the job was placed, traffic congestion and/or roadworks during the job may mean there are better alternatives.  

Guidance will attempt to take you along the best route based on real-time traffic information.  


Guidance will avoid tolls if the route selected by the passenger didn’t include a toll, however, it will not prevent you from taking a toll road.  You’ll receive a notification if the route you’re planning includes any additional tolls. This additional amount will need to be paid by the passenger on completion of the job (for now, we’re working on doing this automatically).

See Are tolls included in the fare? for more information.