Pre-Shift Vehicle Safety Checklist

As a driver representing ingogo there are a number of expectations based on the presentation of your taxi.

It is understood that you may be switching taxis regularly, however it is still important to ensure that your taxi is in working condition before each shift.

Before starting your shift ask yourself these questions:

  • Your taxi MUST be registered and insured: All vehicles on the road, not just taxis, need to be registered and insured. Ensure that your taxi is registered and insured before 
  • Your taxi MUST be regularly serviced or maintained: Your taxi must be in working order before you start your shift. Check that the tyres are not bald and there are no warning lights on the dashboard. If there are any problems they MUST be repaired before you start driving.
  • Your taxi MUSt have all required safety equipment: It's there for you and the passenger's safety, so make sure it's working. Ensure that your taxi is fitted with cameras and the panic button that are all operational.
  • Your taxi MUST have all required signage: Makes sure you have all necessary signage and decals such as you taxi registration number (license plate), your networks (taxi service provider's) details and the decal explaining how the fare is calculated.
  • Your taxi MUST be clean: It may not seem like much but having a clean taxi can mean the difference between a happy customer and a not so happy customer.

If there are any problems with your taxi you MUST resolve them before the start of your shift for the safety and comfort of yourself and your passenger. If you you receive the same vehicle again and changes still haven't been made, notify them of the issue and ask for another vehicle for you shift.

You can find the full list of requirements for each state here: