Running the meter on a fixed fare job and charging whatever is higher

Our passengers know they’ve paid a fixed fare, and you’ve accepted the job based on the amount we’ve shown you, so don’t play games.  If you don’t like the fare, don’t accept the job. It’s really that simple.  

We’re not trying to rip you off or compete with cut-price rideshare fares, it’s just how our pricing engine works.  Most of the time it’s pretty good.  If we occasionally get one wrong, please don’t be offended or hold it against us - turns out it’s hard to predict the future.  If we’re getting it wrong all the time, let us know by creating a ticket through your app and we’ll investigate.

The other reason this is so damaging to our passengers is that they’re double billed for the fare. Once through us, and again through your terminal.  It’s really not a good way to dispel the “dodgy taxi driver” stereotype we’re working so hard to get rid of.

You’ll be penalised $100 on the spot, and put on probation.

Repeated offences will result in your termination as an ingogo driver.