Set up your vx690 for the first time

This article applies when you are;

  • setting up a new vx690 (or replacement)
  • installing the ingogo Driver App on a new phone
  • have reset network settings on your phone (or have changed the name or WiFi password)

If none of the above apply, please refer to the troubleshooting steps instead.


1. Prepare your phone

Open Settings, tap General then About and finally Name.

If there’s an apostrophe you’ll need to remove it.  Rename your phone using letters, numbers and spaces only.

The vx690 won't be able to find your phone's WiFi network if it contains unicode characters.  The iPhone uses a unicode apostrophe by default which needs to be changed.

2. Set a new WiFi password for Hotspot

Open Settings, then Personal Hotspot and finally Wi-Fi Password.

Replace the automatically generated password with 8-10 digits of your choice. Try to avoid any repeated digits e.g. “12231223” to make it easier to enter into the terminal later.

Tap Done to save changes.

3. Turn on Hotspot

Open Control Centre by swiping down from the top right (iPhone X, XS, XR), or by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (iPhones with a home button).

Tap and hold in the network panel (top left square containing the flight mode, Wifi icons).

Tap Personal Hotspot.

4. Join the vx690 to the WiFi network on your phone

On the vx690;

  1. Hold Enter + 1
  2. Press the blue Menu button on screen
  3. Press Down arrow
  4. Press Utility
  5. Press Down arrow
  6. Press Network
  7. Press WIFI
  8. Press Scan new

After around 60 seconds, the vx690 will display a list of nearby WiFi networks.

Tap your phone’s name and enter the hotspot password you set up earlier.  If you had repeated digits, wait for the cursor to move until entering the next number.

Note: The vx690 uses a "T9" style keyboard that allows for text to be entered on a numeric keypad like the old Nokia phones.  When entering the same number twice without waiting for the cursor to move you'll end up entering a letter.  e.g. "22" would result in an "A" being entered.

Tap the green Enter key to join the network which will take around 30 seconds.  Once connected, your phone will show 1 connection under the hotspot icon.

Tap any key on the payment terminal, followed by the red “X”.

The vx690 should now display the "Please pair with your point of sale (POS)" message.

5. Pair the vx690 with the ingogo Driver app.

Open the ingogo driver app and tap the Payment terminal icon located just to the left of the menu icon on the job list screen.

Tap Setup.

Check that the IP Address displayed on your phone matches the one on the vx690.

If you use hotspot for other devices you may need to update the IP on the phone so that it matches the terminal.

When the IP matches, tap Confirm and then Pair in the app.

On the vx690, tap the red Pair with POS button when prompted.

After around 10 seconds a unique pairing code is displayed on both.  Provided they match, tap Yes on your phone, and then Yes on the vx690.