Terminal displays 'Operator not logged in'

This article will step you through turning on GPRS and removing the 'Operator not logged in' message

Follow the steps below to enable the network and clear the Operator not logged in message from the VX690 screen.


OperatorNotLogged in

  1. Select: Menu -> Terminal Settings -> Network Settings then tap GPRS
  2. It should say Mobile Options with a button saying "Disable"

    If it says "Enable" press this
  3. Your red dot should now be green and you should now see the signal indicator
  4. Restart your terminal and you should now see the ready to take payment screen

Once the network is enabled you will see the mobile signal bar icon (Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 4.33.12 pm) next to the battery icon and a green dot  in at the top of the screen.  It will now be possible to Start Shift.