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Terminal Security (Tampering & Skimming Detection)

Terminal Security (Tampering & Skimming Detection)

Protecting your vx690 from Illegal Tampering

The threat of payment terminal tampering is serious and worldwide. Every day criminals install skimmers, key loggers, and other devices to illegally obtain cardholder and customer data. This information can be used to create cloned cards or to compromise customer bank accounts to steal money or information. ingogo takes the security of cardholder customer data very seriously. ingogo only utilises payment terminals such as the Verifone VX690 which is EMV compliant and has inbuilt tamper detection, meaning the terminal will be rendered unusable and an alert message will be displayed should your terminal be tampered with or damaged. 

Keeping your terminal safe

  • ingogo recommends you periodically examine your Verifone VX690 payment terminal looking for anything abnormal. Such as:
    • Any manufacturer security seals or labels are missing or broken.
    • Any damage to the device. This includes scratches, gouges, discolouration or additional marks which weren't' caused by normal wear and tear.
    • The presence of a card skimmer or key logging device.
    • The presence of a illegal hidden camera. This also extends to your vehicle. 
    • Any damage to the to external cable, broken port's or other materials that could mask damage or tampering.

Physical Security

Your payment terminal should never be left unattended. We recommend you store the terminal in a locked, hidden and preferably alarmed location. Never leave your payment terminal unattended with another person or passenger. Leaving your payment terminal unattended can result in the device being tampered with.

What to do if you suspect your payment terminal has been tampered with?

If you see a 'Tampering Detected' message or you suspect your terminal has been tampered with you must:

  • Immediately power off and stop using the terminal; then
  • Escalate the problem to the ingogo customer support team immediately.
  • If you see the 'Tampering Detected' message your device is locked and will need to be returned to Verifone for repair.