I need to update my terminal

This article will help you to update your terminal to the latest version

The payment terminal does not need to be paired to your phone

Update your terminal 

  1. Plug-in the terminal using either the supplied car charger or if you aren't driving you can use the USB charging port on the right-hand side of the vx690.

  2. Do not disconnect the vx690 from power while the update is in progress.

  3. The update should start automatically within a few minutes of being turned on.

  4. The update will take between 20 and 30 minutes and the vx690 will restart several times.  Please be patient.

When the update is complete, you should see the Westpac logo and a message Operator not logged in.

If your download fails, ensure that you are in an area with 3G cellular coverage and that personal hotspot on your mobile phone is turned OFF.  Power off the terminal, then turn on again to re-start the download.

Now get the app ingogopin

Go to the app store or google play and download the latest ingogo driver app

Launch the app and follow the steps in complete the registration process.  You will need to provide your mobile, email and license number.

Once your account has been approved you will be able to logon, start your shift and process payments.

Important: If you have previously elected to return your terminal it will not work and we will need to issue you a new one. Please email support@ingogo.mobi to arrange a replacement.