Using your mobile phone

Tips on how to safely use your phone while driving

It is illegal to use a mobile phone without having it placed in a mobile phone cradle while you are driving and the vehicle is moving or sitting stationary in traffic.

You can legally use a mobile phone when driving under the following circumstances:

  • making or receiving a phone call using voice activation (hands free), if you are not touching the phone or the mobile is in an approved holder (commercially designed mobile phone holder, affixed to the vehicle);
  • playing music while driving, if the mobile is not being held by you or it is in an approved holder and you do not touch the phone; and
  • using a map application with the mobile in an approved holder and you do not touch the phone unless you are legally parked.

Note:  “Legally parked” means stopped on the side of the road, though you may still have the engine running. It does not mean stationary in traffic.

While you are driving (when the vehicle is moving or stationary in traffic) you must not:

  • hold or touch the phone or have it resting touching your body (for example, it is not allowed to be on your lap);
  • send or read a text message;
  • send or read emails, or any similar message communications; or
  • watch movies or similar entertainment.

If you need to use your mobile to send or read a text message, then pull over and park legally on the side of the road first. It is not necessary to turn off the engine.

Mounting your phone to your vehicle

Why is using a phone mount so important?

  • It is illegal to use a handheld device while driving unless you have pulled over to the side of the road out of the line of traffic.

Less important, but still a problem...

  • Not having the phone at eye level means you won't see jobs as they are offered. You risk missing job offers if you can't see the phone.
  • Having to pick up the phone from the center console, your pocket or anywhere else to accept the job, takes time in which another driver may accept the booking.
  • You may even accidentally accept or cancel a job which may incur cancellation fees.

If you are using your own phone

While using ingogo on your own phone, you must ensure that it is mounted to your vehicle in a manner that is legal in the state in which you drive.  

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