Why was that payment declined?

The response codes on the receipt, can help you understand why a card payment was declined


There are many reasons why a card can be declined.  You may see things like:

  • (100) DO NOT HONOUR

In these cases, you will need to try again or take payment from the passenger using another card.  These response codes indicate a problem with the card or the account.


  • (109) INVALID MERCHANT - If you have a brand new vx690, there can occasionally be a 24-48 hour delay in the ability to support payments through American Express (AMEX).  Contact us if the problem persists more than 24-48 hours after collecting a new vx690.
  • (415) DECLINED - Comms Error.  The cellular network signal isn't strong enough, try moving a little then re-trying the transaction.
  • (432) DECLINED - Connection Error.  These should only occur rarely.  Try restarting the vx690 and let us know if the problem persists.
  • (906) DECLINED - Retry Transaction.  This usually indicates that the method of insertion (tap, insert or swipe) isn't supported by that card.  Try an alternative.


If the receipt displays APPROVED 000 payment has been successfully processed and you can let the passenger leave.


Some cards (particularly those issued outside Australia) may require a signature. Pay attention to the instructions on screen.

IMPORTANT: The "Signature OK?" and "Would you like a customer receipt" screens are similar.  If prompted for a signature and you press "NO", the payment will be reversed and you will not get paid for the trip.