What happens to passengers that don't show up?

We understand the frustration and loss of income and opportunity that comes as a result of passengers placing jobs and then not showing up. We’ve built our business on fairness, and that’s just plain unfair.

If a passenger does not show up for a booking you will need to mark them as a no-show. Simply wait for 5 minutes after the pickup time and then press no-show.

Any passenger that doesn’t show up for a job pays a cancellation fee. If it’s a hotel job, we’ll pay you the equivalent of the cancellation fee from the Driver Fund (See What is the driver fund?).  The entire amount is credited directly to your account.

We also closely monitor hotel bookings.  While these are understandably more difficult since the hotel concierge doesn’t have any control over the guest’s behaviour, we have also suspended hotel accounts that have a consistently high number of passengers that don’t show up.

See I’ve spoken to the passenger / hotel and confirmed they don’t want the job anymore. Do I still need to go there and wait 5 mins?