What is a Fixed Fare?

A Fixed Fare means that you will see the full amount of the fare up-front before you book. No additional fees or tolls will be charged. What you see is what you will pay once you arrive at your destination.

NB. If you have credits on your account, the credits will be automatically applied to your next booking. This means that the Fixed Fare amount you see in your app when making a booking will be cheaper by the amount of the credit.

How is the Fixed Fare calculated?

ingogo uses a complex algorithm that takes into account a wide variety of variables to help calculate a Fixed Fare for any given trip.

Like a normal taxi meter, we look at things like distance travelled, time of day and day of the week, however, we’re also now through a variety of fantastic mapping and other technologies, able to consider many other types of information e.g. optimal routes to get the passenger to their destination, real-time and predicted traffic patterns, road and airport tolls, etc.