What is Personal Hotspot?

How does Hotspot work?

The easiest way to understand how Hotspot works is to look at your home internet system.

Your WIFI router connects to the internet through a phone line, cable or 4G cellular sim. 

Your devices can join the router's WIFI network, which provides a connection to the internet.

Hotspot is a feature of your phone which allows it to act as a wireless router, allowing other nearby devices to access the internet.


Does it use up all my data?

As using a personal hotspot shares your phones data allowance, you will use up extra data, however, it depends on what is connected to your phone.

If you are downloading high-quality videos you data may drain quickly, however, for our Verifone vx690 you will use around 10-15mb of data, so really not a whole lot!

What about my battery?

Hotspot uses the WIFI radio in your phone to transmit the signal to your Verifone terminal. 

The ingogo driver app requires WIFI to be turned on to improve location accuracy, meaning that there will be no extra battery usage.