When will a Passenger Cancellation Fee be incurred?

Both passengers and drivers can receive a cancellation fee.

If you do not cancel a booking within the specified cancellation period, a $10 passenger cancellation may be incurred. Passenger cancellation fees will apply as detailed below:

Immediate Booking Less than 15 minutes When cancelling after 2 minutes from the time the driver accepts your booking
Advanced Booking More than 15 minutes and less than 1 hour When cancelling after 5 minutes from the time the driver accepts your booking
Advanced Booking More than 1 hour When the time to requested pick-up drops below 1 hour as per the guidelines for an Immediate Job and an Advanced Booking more than 15 minutes and less than an 1 hour

Further, if you cancel a booking and select one of the below 3 reasons, the trip request will be investigated to confirm if the driver is at fault.

        1. The driver is moving away from you


        2. The driver prompted you to cancel


      3. The driver is late more than 5 minutes late than their original estimated collection time.

If the driver is determined to not be at fault, you will be charged a $10 passenger cancellation fee.

A passenger cancellation will also be applied automatically if you have selected either of the following 2 reasons for cancellation:

      1. I’ve taken a closer ride; and
      2. I no longer require a cab.

NB. Remember, if you select either of these options within the allowed cancellation periods, you won’t be charged the passenger cancellation fee. You will always be notified within the app when a passenger cancellation may potentially apply and you will be given the choice whether or not to proceed with cancelling the booking.