Why do you charge a $50 cancellation fee for airport jobs?

Running late, or missing a flight is a stressful situation.  It can cost hundreds, or occasionally thousands of dollars in addition to missing connections on the other end, rescheduling meetings, hire cars and accommodation.

When you accept an airport job, you’re committing to the passenger that you’ll be there, on time.

How it works

If you can't make an airport booking for any reason, abandon the booking as soon as possible. Instead of an up front $50 penalty, we'll gradually increase the cancellation fee by $10 until we find a replacement driver. Any cancellation fees are passed on to the next driver as a bonus, and our passenger guarantee kicks in if the job doesn’t end up getting accepted. All revenue collected is passed on to either drivers or passengers.

If you abandon more than 1 hr before pickup

With more than an hour until pickup the passenger is less likely to cancel when they're notified you can’t make it, and there's a good chance we'll find another driver quickly.

  • No cancellation fee for the first 10 mins after you abandon.
  • $10 cancellation fee every 10 mins that the job hasn't been accepted, up to a maximum of $50.

If you abandon less than 1 hr before pickup, or after 8pm for an early morning pickup

Most passengers are concerned when their booking is abandoned this close to the pickup time, or if they have an early morning pickup. If you have to abandon within an hour, we charge a $10 cancellation fee immediately so there's an extra incentive for another driver to accept the booking quickly, and avoid the passenger cancelling the job.

  • $10 cancellation fee applied immediately.
  • $10 cancellation fee every 10 mins that the job hasn't been accepted up to a maximum of $50.
  • $50 cancellation fee if the booking isn't accepted by a driver after the pickup time.