Why don't I see the same jobs as my friends?

There are a few reasons you might not see the same jobs as your friends, even if you’re standing side-by-side:

  • Your friend is slightly closer to the pickup
  • Your friend has more points that you
  • The passenger has added your friend as a favourite driver
  • Your friend has a higher rating than you

Unless it’s one of the above, all drivers should receive job offers at almost exactly the same time.  

Keep in mind that GPS isn’t always 100% accurate, and our ability to determine your suitability for a job is primarily based on where you are. Even small inaccuracies can place you on an overpass, on the opposite side of a road or on the other side of a building.  

Keeping your phone plugged into the charger and mounted on the dashboard is the best way to ensure your position is accurate.  The accuracy of your position deteriorates rapidly at low battery levels.

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