Why have I been charged without completing a booking?

If you've used the ingogo Passenger App:

We take a pre-authorisation from your card (like a hotel) when you place the booking.  This provides both you and the driver with certainty that the booking will paid for, and allows you to leave the vehicle as soon as the trip is completed.

If for any reason the booking isn't completed, we immediately reverse all charges unless a cancellation fee applies. Due to limitations of the banking system, this will appear as a separate credit and debit in your statement within 2 - 7 working days.

For more detail, see How long does ingogo hold a pre-authorisation on my card?

If you have never installed the ingogo Passenger App:

ingogo is a taxi services company that provides drivers with mobile payment terminals used to process credit card and EFTPOS transactions.  The taxis are not branded "ingogo" as we're not a taxi operator.  If you've taken a taxi around the time the charge appears on your bank statement, chances are you paid using one of our mobile terminals.

For more detail, see Why do I have a charge from ingogo on my bank statement?