Your ingogo Partnership

How can you help?

ingogo’s customers are your passengers and we want them to have the best possible experience when using our service. As an ingogo partner driver, you can help us make this happen by ensuring the following:


  • be reliable – only accept an ingogo job if you can complete it;
  • be on time – estimate your arrival time realistically – if you’re delayed, contact the passenger to update them;
  • be proud of yourself and your car – a courteous driver with a clean and safe car will ensure a positive experience for the passenger;
  • be proactive – communicate with your passenger using the messaging system within the app or give them a call; and
  • be consistent – when you accept a job, please call the passenger and say:


“Hi, this is (your name), your ingogo driver. I’m on my way and should be there in around (number of minutes). Can I confirm your pick up address as (job address)? Would you like me to call you on arrival or wait outside? Thank you. I’ll see you soon.”

Your quality service will lead to more happy passengers who are more likely to use the ingogo service again and again. Remember, more ingogo jobs will lead to more income for you. Likewise, if you provide a poor quality service that results in an unhappy passenger, they will be less likely to use ingogo again, leading to fewer jobs and less income for you.

Important Note:

To ensure we maintain a high level of quality service across our driver network we have a few driver penalties in place. These penalties apply when you don’t collect a passenger or you cancel a job after accepting it.

Standard job $10 penalty / Airport job $50 penalty

Remember – penalties only apply for drivers who do not look after their customers. Follow the simple steps listed above you won’t attract penalties, just happy passengers.