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Why ingogo?

We're a technology company dedicated to supporting drivers in the taxi industry. 

Founded in 2011, our track record speaks for itself.  We've earned the trust of thousands of drivers across the country who believe that the way forward is innovation and change.  

We've invested millions into developing technology to enable taxis to rise above other alternatives in a constantly changing environment while striving for fair outcomes for all.

ingogo is a valuable addition to any professional driver's income.

ingogo app on iPhone

We're here to help

We can now resolve almost all technical issues through our live chatbot or over the phone to keep you on the road and save you time.

  • Share your screen and camera with our customer experience team.
  • By looking at the same thing you are, we can quickly find and fix the cause of most problems.
  • If your payment terminal is lost, stolen or damaged and you can't make it back to base, we can send you a replacement via secure courier.
  • Find answers to common questions, and watch step-by-step video guides in the app or from our driver support centre.
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Exclusive job offers

We've re-thought dispatch from a driver's perspective to reduce the amount of time you spend without a fare.

  • We offer jobs to the closest driver, before moving on to the next closest.
  • You'll receive job offers up to 48 hours prior to the pickup so you can plan your first, next and last job today and tomorrow.
  • Receive job offers wherever you are, at home, grabbing a coffee or stretching your legs - you shouldn't miss out for taking a break.
  • Our preferred driver feature means you benefit directly from great passenger service.  Get added as a favourite, and you'll see their next jobs before everyone else.
ingogo job list on iPhone X

Fast & Reliable Payments

Our optional high quality, industry standard  payment terminal is fast, durable and reliable. 

  • Earn 1.25% in commission on all card payments
  • Does not need to be paired to a phone to operate
  • Durable charger
  • Low $1.10 monthly rental
  • $49 deposit and an active credit card are required as security
  • Home delivery available via secure courier
  • Fair low usage fees while you're on holiday
ingogo payment terminal powered by westpac
ingogo embedded google maps navigation

Built-in navigation

Our embedded turn-by-turn guidance powered by Google saves you time and hassle.

  • We'll suggest the best route to the pickup to get you there fast.
  • Provides guidance along the route selected by the passenger, and presents better alternatives if they're available.
  • No need to switch apps to accept job offers while navigating.
  • Much safer than keying in addresses while driving.
ingogo embedded google maps navigation

Flight Arrival Tracking

Airport pickups can be great jobs, but when flight arrival times change you're often left waiting around.  While we can't make flights arrive on time, we can save you time by automatically notifying you of any changes.

  • We'll notify you of any change to the scheduled arrival time for your job.
  • If you have other commitments, you can abandon the job with no cancellation fees and we'll find a replacement.
  • If there's a conflict between jobs you've already committed to, it's your choice which one you keep.

Fixed Fares

Our fixed-fares free up both driver and passenger by providing the exact fare upfront. This includes fees, tolls, levies and any additional charges.

This has gone a long way towards improving customer confidence, and eliminated accusations of "taking the long way" or "adding extras to the meter".

  • All fares are based on standard taxi tariffs with predicted duration
  • All fees, tolls and charges are visible, all the time.  There's nothing to hide.
  • Complete 10 ingogo jobs in a month to earn 2.25% commission on card payments in the next.
iphone showing fixed fares

No need for a dedicated phone

The new ingogo Driver app is downloadable from the App Store or Google Play.  Sign up within the app.  There's no need to wait in line.

  • Runs in the background whenever you're logged in.
  • Receive job offers when you're using other apps or on a call.
  • Supported devices are iPhone 6 or later running iOS 11 or later (12 is recommended) - or Android 6.0 or later with an accelerometer (gravity sensor).
downolad the ingogo driver app from the App Store or Google Play

Reliability is everything

There's nothing worse than going out of your way for a no-show.  And missing an important meeting or flight because a driver wasn't on time isn't going to encourage more taxi travel.  Our cancellation fees are designed to encourage reliability on both sides.

  • Earn a $10 credit for passenger no-shows at hotels / restaurants, even when the booking is placed by a third party.
  • Earn a $10 credit when a passenger cancels on you without plenty of notice (cooling off period applies)
  • If you abandon a job and we are unable to find a replacement driver, cancellation fees may apply.
  • ingogo doesn't profit from cancellation fees.  They are either passed on to other drivers as a bonus on the job, or passed on to the passenger if they don't get collected.

Fast, easy signup

Start earning extra with ingogo in under 24 hours, without taking time out of your shift.  

  • Download the ingogo Driver app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Available to licensed taxi drivers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.
  • We'll approve your application in under 24 hours, and you'll receive job offers immediately.
  • If you'd like to earn up to 2.25% commission on card payments, come and collect a payment terminal or we'll send one to your home address.
downolad the ingogo driver app from the App Store or Google Play
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More Information

If you’re after more information, fill in the form and we’ll email you a comprehensive breakdown of all the driver-related improvements ingogo is implementing.


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Download the app

And join the taxi platform that puts drivers first


How do I get it?

1. Search ‘ingogo driver’ in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
2. Sign up.
3. We’ll verify your details within 24 hours and let you know when you’re approved.
4. Get up to speed with our training videos on your phone.
5. Collect your payment terminal and start earning!

We look forward to driving further innovation in the ‘taxi experience’ with you.


downolad the ingogo driver app from the App Store or Google Play
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