Why ingogo Fixed Fares are your best option for taxi travel

26/06/2017 1:19:00 PM

There are so many reasons why ingogo is the top notch way to travel by taxi in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. From easy app-based taxi bookings to tracking your cab and communicating by phone with your driver, to even earning Qantas Frequent Flyer points on eligible trips, you know that when you use ingogo, you’re getting the very best in service and quality that the taxi industry has to offer.

Perhaps the very best thing about ingogo is our system for Fixed Fare bookings, which are the most convenient option for our passengers as well as for our drivers.

What is a Fixed Fare? When you make a taxi booking with ingogo, you are advised of the full fare amount for your trip. Your Fixed Fare will be displayed on the ingogo app or website before you complete your booking, and only if you are happy with the fare do you go ahead and finalise your taxi booking.

With Ingogo there are no hidden costs with your fare; you are not impacted financially by heavy traffic, there are no additional fees or tolls added to your fare at the end of your ride, and there is no financial incentive for your driver to take a less direct route to your destination. You don’t even need to carry cash or a credit card! Your fare is charged automatically to your pre-advised credit card in our app. What could be easier?

The ingogo Fixed Fares are cleverly and fairly calculated with a complex algorithm. It accounts for a wide array of variables that impact on your travel, including the time of day of your ride, the day of the week, the distance of your journey, and relevant tolls. It uses predictions of traffic patterns, and bases trips on the very best and most direct route planning. Your fare may be higher if you require a Silver Service cab or a Maxi, and Fixed Fares are calculated on a per-trip basis – so travelling the same journey at another time may cost more or less depending on predicted traffic conditions and other factors.

With the ingogo taxi booking app, your travel in Australian capital cities is easier and much more convenient. You know what you are paying up front, and you know your driver is committed to getting you there safely and on time. Choose ingogo today.

Luke Vrkic

Written by Luke Vrkic

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