Say no to surge pricing this New Year's Eve

23/12/2018 2:46:43 PM

Picture this: You’ve just welcomed 2019 and after an early morning bite, it’s time to make your way home for a New Year’s Day sleep-in.

It’s a standard scenario, but it also comes with a common problem (which can be very frustrating to try and solve at 3am).  

With thousands of people having the same game plan to catch a ride home, you’ll likely be faced with two choices in your quest to get home conveniently and comfortably.

You can either:

A). Catch a ride home and deal with the wait times and exorbitant surge prices pushed up by the demand for service; or

B). You could resort to catching public transport home to try to avoid surge pricing and save some dollars.

The problem with public transport on the last night of the year is that New Year’s Eve is notoriously one of the most dangerous nights to get home.

It seems like the best option to get home safely is to give up and cough up the money for surge pricing. But if that’s the case, most people simply wouldn’t be able to afford a New Year’s night out. 

Increasing fare costs can be so extreme that taxi riders in New York were forced to splurge US$350 for a quick Uber one New Year’s Eve.

Plus, it has been well documented that even in Australia, Uber users have had to pay up to nine times the normal price of a cab charge due to escalating surge prices on New Year’s Eve.

Thankfully, you can end your year on a good note because there is an alternative option which is proving to be a win with partygoers, corporates and casual taxi users alike.

Australia’s fastest growing taxi app, ingogo, is your secret weapon to book your taxi this New Year’s Eve – and it will save you from surge pricing.

You can book your taxi ride up to 48 hours in advance from the convenience of your smartphone and fare transparency means you choose the route and the final fare, as all fares are fixed and inclusive!

Booking your ride home with ingogo will give you peace of mind that no matter how hard you party into the new year, you’ll be riding home safely. Taxi’s booked through ingogo are accredited, security checked, driven by quality drivers and even have in-car cameras.

This New Year’s Eve book your taxi with ingogo, and put your hard-earned towards some celebratory drinks with your friends - rather than splurging on surge pricing just to get home safely.

Luke Vrkic

Written by Luke Vrkic

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