ingogo Fixed Fares: How does it work?

15/02/2017 2:45:00 PM

One of the things that makes the ingogo app and service so unique is our commitment to Fixed Fare bookings, which are convenient for both our passengers as well as our drivers.

A Fixed Fare simply means that you are advised of the full amount owing for your trip before you go ahead and book your ride. Unlike when you hire a taxi on a regular basis, with ingogo there are no hidden surprises: no additional fees or tolls, no worries about your fare costing more due to heavy traffic, and no need to be concerned that your driver will take the longer, “scenic” route. When you arrive at your destination, you pay the exact fee quoted prior to making your taxi booking. In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or elsewhere in Australia, there is no more satisfactory way to arrange your ride.

How Do We Calculate Fixed Fares?

ingogo’s Fixed Fares for taxis in Brisbane and beyond are calculated with a complex algorithm. This algorithm accounts for an array of variables including the distance travelled, the day of the week and time of day you’re travelling, applicable tolls, predicted traffic patterns, and optimal route planning. The algorithm uses up-to-the-minute traffic data, recommended routes, and historical data to deliver the most efficient trip route and the most cost-effective fare for your trip, no matter where you are going or when.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

Your Fixed Fare for your intended trip will be displayed on our app or website before you make your booking. This way, you only proceed with the booking if you are satisfied with the fare.

Note that if you select a maxi or silver cab for your service, your fare may change, as these are considered to be premium taxi options. You also need to be aware that Fixed Fares are calculated on a per-trip basis. This means that the exact same trip may attract a different fare depending on traffic conditions and time of day you travel.

Another bonus of being an ingogo client is that, should you have any credits on your account with us, these will automatically be applied next time you book with us. In this instance, your Fixed Fare amount displayed in the app at the time of booking will be cheaper by the same amount as your account credit.

Choose ingogo for taxi booking throughout Australia. It’s fast, convenient, and the stress-free way to travel – and is one hundred percent free of hidden charges.

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Luke Vrkic

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