Is your driver qualified and insured?

22/02/2017 10:21:00 AM

It’s a question that many of us ask when we hail or book a taxi or Uber: With so many drivers out there, not all of them required to follow the same training and security checks, it can be a matter of concern for some passengers.

With ingogo, you can rest assured that your Melbourne taxi driver (or wherever you may be) is fully licensed, trained, and registered to operate a taxi. All taxi’s also have a security camera in all vehicles by law.

ingogo doesn’t own or operate taxis, nor do we employ drivers. We instead provide a secure booking and payment service for taxi booking in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. This is for the benefit of passengers as well as drivers. Taxis we provide access to via our app are operated (owned or leased) by a third party driver or by a Taxi Network. The drivers are either self-employed or employed by the owner of the cab.

ingogo is very proud to provide safe passenger access to a Driver Network of skilled, trusted, and professional cab drivers. All of our drivers are experienced, fully insured, and they have trained and registered in person with ingogo. They must also prove to us that their Driver’s License is valid and that they are registered with the State Taxi Authority.
Every single driver affiliated with ingogo must login securely to our driver app before they commence each shift. They provide the license plate of the taxi they are driving that day.

Passengers are assured of safety with ingogo as we display the plate of your allocated taxi on our app – you know you are getting into the correct cab when it arrives. Taxis also have in-car cameras so the personal safety of passengers is optimised. Uber and other rideshare services do not. Each trip is digitally recorded, so if you leave anything behind in your taxi, it is easy to retrieve.

The benefits of using the ingogo app for taxi booking are endless! From personal trips to going out for dinner, to business travel between meetings or to or from the airport, ingogo is the answer. Never be concerned that you’ll be stung for an outrageous fare at the end of the trip. ingogo is all about trust and transparency – and we deliver on that promise every time.

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Luke Vrkic

Written by Luke Vrkic

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