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20/05/2017 2:30:00 PM

Empowering our passengers and drivers to build better connections and enhance their experiences has been a goal for us at ingogo for some time. Being able to give passengers the ability to favourite drivers when you have a fantastic trip in an ingogo taxi so you can request them again on your next trip or if you have a poor experience,  let us know immediately so we can address the issue.

So next time you are booking your taxi do not forget to thumbs up or thumbs down a driver.

What happens when I add a favourite driver?

The next time you book, all drivers in your favourites will get priority access to your trip.  The priority period ranges from a minute through to an hour depending on how far in advance you have placed your booking.

Your favourite drivers may not be able to take your booking if they are busy or too far away to collect you on time.  If that is the case, your booking goes out to the most favourited drivers on the ingogo driver network once the priority period has expired.

What happens when a driver does not go along a toll road that I selected?

Avoided tolls

If you have selected a route with tolls and the driver takes you another way, we will automatically subtract any tolls from your total on completion of your trip.

Additional tolls

If you have selected a route without tolls and you direct the driver to take an alternate route with tolls, you will need to arrange payment with your driver.

Adding and removing favourite drivers

You can add a driver to your favourites during, or after completing a trip by tapping on “thumbs up”.

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You can remove a favourite driver by tapping the “-” next to the driver’s name.  You can access your favourite drivers at any time from the menu.

Luke Vrkic

Written by Luke Vrkic

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