Leave the car at home on your next night out and get home safely

01/11/2018 4:29:34 PM

It should go without saying that if you’re going for a celebratory night out, leaving the car at home is the best idea. Not only do you not need to worry about choosing a sober, designated driver (and relying on them to take their role seriously), but you can rest easy without being concerned about finding a parking space, paying parking fees, and potentially vacating the parking station before it closes for the night.

There are also safety concerns beyond making sure nobody is drink-driving. When you leave the car at home and book a taxi, you don’t have to walk, potentially alone, through the streets to return to your car.

So taking a taxi is the obvious answer when you go for a night out. But better than hailing just any Sydney taxi (or in whichever capital city you are in), by far the most convenient and safest option for transport on a night out is ingogo.

ingogo's taxi booking app is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.  It allows you to pre-book a taxi on the spot or up to two days in advance. You're quoted an ingogo Fixed Fare prior to placing your booking, and you can track and contact your driver via the app. You'll be picked up as quickly as possible.

With ingogo, there is no need to stand on the street trying (many times in vain) to hail a taxi. And nobody else can nab your booked taxi when it arrives – your driver will know your name and your destination in advance, and you see the taxi plate number in the app.

Most importantly, all ingogo taxi drivers are fully registered and licensed with the appropriate State Authority. They are highly trained professionals and all taxis driven by ingogo drivers have tamper proof security cameras for your safety and peace of mind. All drivers are fully insured. Additionally, should you leave something behind in your taxi; with ingogo it’s easy to contact your driver to retrieve your lost property.

While ingogo offers great value, affordability, and convenience unparalleled by any other book a taxi or ride-share service, it is your safety that is our ultimate priority. So choose ingogo for your next night out and know that you will get home safely and without fuss. Download the ingogo app for free today!

Luke Vrkic

Written by Luke Vrkic

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