The secret to business trip success: Avoid stress from the get-go

19/10/2018 2:27:11 PM

Corporate travel can be stressful at times, but a well-executed venture can secure your company new clients. The logistics of getting from A to B problem-free in an unknown city is almost as complex and time-consuming to plan as a business meeting!

Frequent corporate travellers know only too well that it doesn’t take much to go wrong during transit to sabotage a business trip.

Navigating a rental car in an unfamiliar city can cause a few issues. Doing laps of a full carpark, getting lost trying to avoid toll roads, or begging a stranger for spare change to satisfy a parking metre are all issues that tend to arise when you are already running late.

In fact, the latest Business Travel Survey by Travizon found 29 per cent of respondents said the worst aspect of using a rental car during a business trip was trying to navigate themselves in a strange city, while 36 per cent loathed the time wasted in collecting and returning it.

Aside from employees not taking to these transport choices, consider the incidental costs involved which can also add up over time when balancing your corporate travel budget. Research by Finder has found that parking in Australia is on the rise, despite standard parking rates already topping in excess of $70 per day in most major cities.

Your company’s go-getters should be empowered by a smooth system which ensures they arrive at their destination with their head in the game and enough time to squeeze in crucial last minute meeting prep. And footing the bill for annoying costs such as tolls, parking, fines and other hidden charges will only burst your budget in the long run.

Corporate companies can set their staff up for success by taking advantage of a streamlined system like ingogo to book their taxis in advance through an easy-to-navigate app. It’s more cost effective than standard cabs, with business users saving up to 20 per cent through fixed fare rates and no price surges.

In another win for corporate travel, the app features automated receipts and reporting data which integrates with popular expense management systems; meaning corporate jetsetters will spend less of their work hours sorting through a paper pyramid of travel receipts – and more time preparing to nail their business trip.

Luke Vrkic

Written by Luke Vrkic

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